Our connection to Madagascar is inspired by the Baobab tree, an ancient symbol of longevity, resilience, and healing. This tree embodies our brand's mission to create timeless, resilient designs that align deeply with our commitment to sustainability. At Baobab, we celebrate the beauty and strength of nature through our collections, which transcend fashion to tell a meaningful story. By merging the vibrant realism of Colombian landscapes with the enduring symbolism of the Baobab tree, we honor the rich cultural and natural heritage that inspires us, offering pieces that are both beautiful and meaningful.

Made for a Woman

We are excited to announce our collaboration with Made for a Woman, a Madagascar-based brand that empowers marginalized groups and preserves the heritage of raphia weaving. Our shared dedication to social and environmental responsibility, aimed at driving positive change and uplifting communities, led us to co-design the Kifafa Phone Bag for our HS24 collection. This collaboration not only combines the unique concepts of both brands but also enriches our community by learning from their rich experiences.