Valle de la Luna launch in outer space

The Valle de la Luna - R24 launch. Like never before, Baobab is ready to take you beyond the bounds of Earth with our Resort 2024 collection. We've touched down in outer space, where the cosmos meets style, and our silhouettes are shaped by the celestial dance of stars, lights, and planets. Get ready to have an enchanting interstellar glow.

Check out the full video of the Valle de la Luna - resort 24 launch here


Sol de Invierno Runway shot in Zermatt and Patagonia

The Sol de Invierno - FW23 runway. Introducing Baobab's first-ever Fall-Winter collection, a union of our characteristic vibrant colors and asymmetrical cuts, now on knitwear set in the picturesque snow-covered mountains of Zermatt, Switzerland and Bariloche, Argentina.

Check out the full video of the Sol de Invierno Fall Winter 23 runway here


Todos Santos Runway in the Deep Amazon Rainforest Mavecure

The Todos Santos High Summer ‘23 collection runway is a journey of diversity and creativity in all its manifestations. It is a collection that honors the enchanting world of colors, particularly in Mavecure.

We draw inspiration not only from the colorful Pantone palette but also from the rich colors and alluring tints of the earth, as well as the silhouettes of the mountains, which are showcased in our designs.

We celebrate biodiversity, as the planet exhibits a million tones, landscapes, shapes, and diverse climates within
Colombia’s rainforest. With kilometers of deep forests and boundless vegetation, the rainforest provides infinite sources of inspiration that we embody in our prints, shades, asymmetric cuts, and distinctive pieces.

Check out the full video of the Todos Santos
High Summer 23 runway here

Wellness Club

BAOACTIVE - 5K Race Bogotá 2023

Check out the full video of The Wellness Club by BAOBAB 5K race and yoga class here

BAOACTIVE is really happening!


Movie Premiere and Dance Performance at the San Francisco Palace Bogotá

Check out the full video of La Danza here - A film based on a love story set in Rio de Janeiro in the 70s is transformed into a live scenography where dance and music took over our audience.

SS’23 Launch - BOGOTÁ


Runway under the Arabian Sunset Dubai

Las Mil & Una Noche

Check out the full video of the runway Soireé under the Arabian Sunset here

R’23 Launch - DUBAI


Catwalk on the Seine River Paris

Check out the full video of “Walking on a dream” here

Journey through the River, Catwalk on the Water.

HS’22 Launch - PARIS